Welcome Fellow Buckskinners

We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to the preservation of the way of life that was experienced by the  Pre–1840’s Buckskinners, Fur Trappers,Traders and Native Americans.
As Period Re–Enactors, we are constantly striving to be as authentic, realistic and true to the spirit of the Mountain Men, Women and Native Americans of this distinct period of American History. Whether it is in our manner of personal dress, buckskinning skills, our lodges or perhaps the most visibly apparent articles we are known for: our muzzle loading rifles and pistols, knifes, tomahawks, as well as other weapons,
period tools and accoutrements.
The Idaho Free Trappers, LTD. is a family orienated and all who have the same interest are encouraged to attend. We have monthly meetings and shooting competitions as well as knife and tomahawk throws and/or a combination of all three. If you are interested come and attend one of our monthly shoots. Even if you haven’t a weapon, this shouldn’t deter you from stopping by to see us compete amongst ourselves.
This can get pretty interesting in and of itself. If you are interested in joining us by attending one of our monthly meetings and/or shoots, you may contact one of our club officers.
Even if you have never been around our particular type of organization, activities or some of the competitions we host, we will be more than happy to have you come out and participate, while also learning more about the way of life that we are striving so hard to emulate.
Please Note:
We expect all our participants to have a good understanding of firearm safety in order for them to compete.